S.B. Foot Tannery - Quality

Quality starts at the ranch
Quality leather is not an accident and it doesn’t happen without taking care of the cattle.   Much of our leather is sourced from ranches in Nebraska, from ranchers who keep their cattle a little closer to home.   While the romance of an open range might sell movie tickets – the hides of free range cattle are often damaged by minor injuries that leave scars and blemishes caused by untreated skin irritations. 

S.B. Foot Tanning Company sources only the highest quality, low-blemish leather hides. 

Quality continues in the processing
Every step in the processing uses time-proven techniques, which yield the right color, consistency and durability in the leather.

We maintain giant wooden drums in our dying processes, similar to what Silas and his team would have used in 1872 when the tannery was built.   While many “modern” tanneries have switched to steel and aluminum drums, we just weren’t satisfied with the results – when perfection is the goal, every detail is important.

Quality is proven in the end product
We are proud of our leather, leather that has carried generations of soldiers through the battlefields, farmers through their fields and workers through their day. 

We are proud of the craftsmen who make the shoes, boots, and accessories that define good taste and style; items that are built to last and built to perform.

At S.B. Foot Tanning Company, we enjoy the pleasure of knowing that our hard work is not in vain – and that our leather is as good as it gets.

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Mission Statement: "We will be a great place to work for our employees as we strive to serve the interests of our customers, shareholders, vendors and community."

Quality Statement: "Make Great Product, Deliver On Time and Continuously Improve."