S.B. Foot Tannery - Tanning Process

Tanning hide into leather is the art of converting animal proteins into a stable material that will not easily break down or rot.   Once this conversion is achieved, the leather can be finished in a number of ways to achieve the desired pliability, water resistance and texture.  Properly tanned leather can maintain its properties in excess of 50 years.

S.B. Foot Tanning Co uses fresh-prepared hides called “Wet Blues.”  Wet Blue refers to the blue tone of the hide derived from a “high-exhaustion tanning process”.   This leather product is very stable, pliable and durable – a perfect starting point for high grade leathers.

To get to a finished state, the Wet Blue hides are re-wetted, shaved, placed into massive wood drums to soak in a float of tree oils, tanning agents and dyes.  The more time the leather can soak in the chemicals and oils, the more penetration we can achieve into the hide itself– a helpful trait for concealing future skuffs and maintaining the consistency of color as the leather is “broken in.”

As the hides come out of the drums, they are rolled, dried and stretched.  These processed skins are now ready for delivery to our customers for cutting and crafting.

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